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Engaging Worthing in responding positively to challenges by creating a healthy human culture, one that meets our needs for community, livelihoods and fun!

Our sub groups and networks cover different areas of interest, including: Zero Waste, Energy, Greenspaces and Transport. Scroll down to the relevant page and find out more or join up.

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Zero Waste

We live on a finite planet with finite valuable resources. When we say we are throwing something away, where is “away” and what damage to the environment is the result?

Our aim is to create a shift in consciousness towards reducing and refusing packaging, reusing, recycling, refilling, repairing, repurposing, upcycling, composting and sending nothing to landfill. Click here to find out more about zero waste.

Repair Cafes are free meeting places where people can come together to repair household items that might otherwise end up in landfill. At the Transition Worthing Repair Cafe you’ll find volunteers, with appropriate tools to help you repair all kinds of things. Some needing more expertise than others!

Please click here for Plastic Free Worthing.

Energy Projects

Community Energy Local is a community based social enterprise, founded and supported by Transition Town Worthing, to reduce energy consumption and bills for local people.


TTW has been granted access to various small plots of land around Worthing by the Council to create community growing projects. It is envisaged that TTW might be able to help Worthing to become part of the Incredible Edible network. The principle of Incredible Edible is that food is grown in public spaces for people to help themselves to.

This group for anyone who loves creating or enhancing greenspaces in and around Worthing and is happy to work as part of a voluntary community team.


How can we reorganise our transport systems towards zero carbon emissions by changing transport methods, needs & habits? How will you get from A to B beyond cheap oil? What is your vision for transport during energy descent?

Eco Open Houses

Transition Town Worthing wants to demonstrate many water & energy saving techniques through this annual event - some simple low cost, some more complex - you choose what suits your budget and time.

Eco Open Houses aims to empower and inspire members of the public to make environmental changes to their own homes through seeing what practical steps other people have taken in their homes. It is about people learning from the experience of others and making positive changes to reduce their environmental footprint.
More information here...

Media & Resources

We have lots of useful media and digital resources. Check out the folders and files to the right side of the page to access our files.

If you cannot see our folders, please click here.


TTW has arrangements with green energy suppliers who will make donations to us if you switch your supply to them using the link provided quoting "TTW1". Any switches are at your discretion and TTW does not make any recommendations.

We do however only make arrangements with companies that meet our ethical criteria.

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